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Increase Valuation by 27% on Day 1

Commercial & Operational Due Diligence Copilot

Centralized decision intelligence tool that empowers Private Equity and B2B Management teams with growth signals and blindspots.

Optimize your business model

Improve business outcomes

Commercial Intelligence

Effectively profiling the right customers is crucial to mitigating future churn. Our strategies aim to enhance wallet share and bolster monetization, all while ensuring customer retention is maximized, fostering a more stable and prosperous business environment, given the current economic climate.

Increase Market Share

Operational Intelligence

At the heart of a SaaS business model lies an unwavering focus on customer centricity. Our approach goes beyond merely assessing the cost to acquire customers; we meticulously evaluate the cost to serve them, ensuring that every interaction adds value and fosters lasting relationships.

Elevate Engagement


Beyond pinpointing customers potentially at risk due to satisfaction, credit standings, and other factors, we diligently monitor a spectrum of risks including business, financial, competitor, and partner-related ones. Our commitment is to keep you thoroughly informed, enabling swift decision-making.

Increase pro-active oversight

Hindered Decision making due to
Digital Transformation


Applications owned by a software company on an average (per Okta's 2022 Business Report)

In today's tech-driven landscape, the pursuit of excellence often leads to the adoption of best-of-breed solutions across various departments and functions within an organization. However, while best-of-breed solutions can enhance efficiency and productivity in isolation, they often contribute to:

  • Hindered cross-functional collaboration due to fragmented analysis between departments and teams

  • Accessibility issues that leads to increased meetings

  • Data redundancy and inconsistency as data needs to be downloaded and combined into spreadsheets and analyzed

  • Security risks due to data stored on emails and laptops

Inteliqx Advantage

Curated for your


Tailored exclusively to your business needs. Inteliqx stands as a robust decision intelligence platform, empowering enterprises to make enlightened decisions. With insights directly correlated to revenue enhancement and profitability, we pave the way for transformative business strategies and elevated success.


One source of truth

Experience seamless integration as we connect with all pertinent data sources to extract the essential insights you need, both for individual departments and the entire organization, ensuring comprehensive understanding and strategic alignment across the board.

Associated with business outcomes

Manage your business model

At Inteliqx, we prioritize actionable insights over vanity metrics. By associating our metrics directly with tangible business outcomes, we provide clarity on the specific business levers you need to adjust. Our insights are designed to guide your decisions at both strategic and tactical level, as they are effectively aligned with your business goals.


Realize value in near real time

Our sophisticated algorithms tirelessly work to keep you informed of every trend in your markets, eliminating the possibility of manual error and ensuring you stay ahead of the curve with precise and reliable insights.

Why choose Inteliqx?

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