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Our Story

The Cloud revolution has given rise to point solutions. As mentioned before, a typical software company has about 158 applications. While these best of breed solutions improve productivity, they also create data silos.

​We’ve experienced the impact that siloed data, lack of cross-functional collaboration, and biased analyses can have on decision making and business. There are a multitude of business intelligence applications on the market, none of them provide enterprise-level insights and strategic recommendations truly needed – the solution – develop an integrated framework of algorithms that extracts insights from a company’s data to create a holistic view of risks and opportunities to deliver on data driven outcomes.

Inteliqx  partners with Private Equity teams (both Investment Partners and Operating Partners) and B2B companies to empower management teams to improve value quickly by ensuring that every executive within a company has the same information – one truth – to act upon.

Our Team.

Our Leadership Team has cross-functional experience from start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies across diverse industries including: Software, Industrial, Food Distribution, and Medical Devices.

Our Advisor

Mike Kaszuk

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