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Decision Intelligence

Get Curated Insights

At Inteliqx, we are revolutionizing the way B2B management teams get insights to make decisions. Our central decision intelligence software empowers businesses to gain context, and make informed decisions. With our cutting-edge platform, we help companies stay ahead of the competition and drive sustainable growth.


Revenue Intelligence

Revenue Intelligence allows businesses to understand customer behaviors, optimize sales strategies, and forecast with greater precision. This not only equips teams with the tools to navigate complex sales cycles but also ensures they can anticipate market shifts, and position their organizations for sustained profitability


Customer Intelligence

Your customers touch many areas of your business. We provide with end to end analysis of your customer journey. Use these insights to tailor your marketing campaigns, improve customer satisfaction, drive retention and manage customers at risk.


Competitive Intelligence

Stay ahead of the competition by understanding changes in market trends and customer preferences. Our competitive intelligence module allows you to closely track and analyze both  customers and opportunities that you are losing to your competition in addition to other insights.


Profitable Growth

At Inteliqx, we recognize the monumental task businesses face in pursuing growth amidst a future riddled with prolonged high-interest rates. Our solution is designed to optimize your business model and provide you with insights on areas such as revenue leakage, customer acquisition, etc.


Market Demand

Inteliqx specializes in analyzing market demand to help your company stay ahead of the curve. Our robust analysis provides a clear picture of customer demand, emerging trends, and market dynamics. By understanding the intricacies of market demand, you can make strategic decisions that align with customer expectations and capitalize on new opportunities.


Product Intelligence

Our comprehensive analysis and insights provide a deep understanding of product adoption, customer preferences, and competitive dynamics. With this knowledge, you can make data-driven decisions to innovate, refine, and position your products more effectively. Our solution empowers you to optimize product development, improve customer satisfaction, and drive market success

Security & Privacy

Data security is a top priority for every company today, and our software is designed with this in mind. Hosted on the AWS platform, our solution incorporates comprehensive security measures for all data movement and storage. We are committed to delivering the secure service you expect and deserve.

Data Security & Compliance

  • PCI

  • GDPR

  • SOC 1,2 & 3

  • ​ISO 27001, 27017 & 27018

Identity & Access Management

  • Uses a single sign on authenticated with your SAML provider

  • 2 factor authentication for teams along with role based access​ for accountability

Transportation & Encryption

  • Geographic isolation of application and database

  • ​Secure transportation of data from your applications - TLS/SSL Encryption and Automated Certificate Management

  • Database encryption at

Seamless Integration

Personalized for your business

Every business operates with a unique technology stack tailored to its specific needs and objectives. At Inteliqx, we recognize the diversity of these systems and offer robust connectors designed to seamlessly integrate various applications. Whether you’re utilizing legacy systems or the latest cloud-based solutions, our integration capabilities pull the required data for analysis.

Process & Partnership

At Inteliqx, we embrace a holistic approach to growth. Our vision is shaped by over 20 years of expertise in analytics. We believe that insights are not merely products we offer, but a collaborative process we undertake with you. Together, we transform data into actionable strategies, driving sustained growth and success


Assess the customer's current processes and data governance policies

2. ACT

Correct the gaps. Provision and run the data through the software


Add curated insights based on customer's specific business needs

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